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Murder Attorney in Wilmington, Delaware

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Murder Defense Attorney in

Wilmington or Middleton, DE

Just because you’ve been charged with murder doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your rights as an American citizen. You deserve a fair trial, and you have a right to an attorney. For the best shot at walking free, contact The Law Office of Richard Zemble.

Attorney Zemble defends clients who have been charged with all degrees of murder, as well as manslaughter and vehicular homicide. He’ll analyze every aspect of your case to bring the best defense argument to the table. You can trust him to work his hardest to show a judge and jury your side of the story.

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As someone who’s been charged with murder, you want the details of your charge kept as private as possible. Attorney Zemble upholds his legal obligation to you by staying silent about your case. Fight your murder charge on your own terms by choosing The Law Office of Richard Zemble.