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Drug Possession

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Drug Crimes Attorney in Wilmington & Middleton, DE

Because drug laws are constantly changing around the country, it’s important to understand what the laws are in Delaware. The Law Office of Richard Zemble stays up-to-date on state and federal regulations when it comes to drug laws in Wilmington and Middleton, DE. 

The state of Delaware categorizes drug crimes by the quantity of drugs in your possession. Tier 1 is the least quantity of drugs, while Tier 5 is the greatest amount of drugs. Attorney Zemble will help you understand your charges and keep your best interests in mind throughout the legal process. 

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Understand All the Factors That Go Into Your Charges

It’s important to understand the possible penalties in your case. There are also factors that can make your charges more serious and increase the penalties, such as:

  • An offense that occurs in a school zone, park or place of worship

  • An offense that occurs in a vehicle

  • Being an adult with an offense involving a juvenile more than four years younger than you

  • Resisting arrest

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